Assignment 1 – part 2

Deliverables for Assignment #1-Part 2

Diagrams that explain the following:
– operational logic (variables, constraints, parameters)

– geometric development of components (is there a base geometry that is modified in response to specific conditions?)

– what are steps that generate the wall from geometric development to assembly.

Plans, Section, Elevation
– of your intervention in the studio. Use the documents that jonathan uploaded.

Physical Models
– studying the development of components and/or the aggregation of those components.
– these models should be used to understand the physical characteristics and well as the potential visual effects they produce.
– this is a critical deliverable. Several iterative/studies would be beneficial

Rendering/collage of wall in site
– using either a digital model or photos of your physical studies, photoshop your proposals into the site photo.
– please use this to communicate the effect / affect. Play with the image, lighting, people etc to communicate a quality in addition to showing the scalar relationships between the wall and the space.

We understand the list of deliverables may be alot early. It is intentional and meant to get things onto the able to discuss. Not all must be resolved but we want to give your ideas the opportunity to develop by having you see them in many different ways (ie. diagram, orthographic drawings, physical digital models, perspective rendering).

As we had said during the first class- what we put into the work early will help us out long term. Confident you all will come with some fantastic ideas. Looking forward to seeing the work!

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