Assignment 2

2.2 deliverables:

ADDF diagrams / assignment
Site model 1/2″
Digital site Model

Parametric Template / GH definition
– This template definition will serve as the foundation for design development. We will use it to study design iterations as well as (in the future) pricing, and fabrication) both in class and during our presentation to S27

To begin, the GH definition should
– be integrated into the Rhino site model
– include a basic surface which drives the component array.
– the surface should subdivided with sliders for x,y
– the subdivisions should have normal planes
– attractors (influence spheres)

During class we will discuss, sketch and model:
1- formal variation along length
2- formal consistency along length / variation via point of view
2.5- formal consistency with the ability to manipulate relationship between parts.

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