Assignment 3

Each student is responsible for the following.

1- Using the “Peeling Block” logic, fabricate a 10″x10″x10″ module. In
order to provoke new ways of thinking about the module, we’d like for you to develop the means and methods of fabrications. Please consider the following:

– what material will you use to make the
– how might the material suggest a technique for fabrication
– how will you rationalize the curved surface?
– is the surface unrolled, cut flat, the re-rolled over a frame?
– what is the nature of the frame if one exists?
– how do you represent “volume” vs “mass”?
– how do we create a micro-scaled effect? What is the logic thy drive it? Tool path, perforation?
– is the cube one piece (10x10x10) or two
symmetrical pieces mirrored (10x5x10)
– is it a square or cube?
– are you making a mold to cast a part? What type mold is it?
– are you mailing a form to bend something over?
– does the method of fabrication work for all possible variations of the module?
– how might the technique of fabrication add to the visual effect generated at the whole or at the micro-scale?
– how do modules aggregate? What is the nature of the seam between two
– how do thy connect?

2. During the process of making the
Modules pay particular attention to the parameters and constraints that the chosen method and materials present. document these. If they become problematic during the process work within them and let them determine where te study goes.

Please feel free to contact either Lou or Jonathan to discuss your

Due: Thursday’s class.