Assignment 3.1

Deliverables 2.23

Each group is to produce multiple iterations / versions of their geometric construct.

-parts should be contained within a 10x10x10 inch bounding box.

– groups are to explore differentiated variations between parts and the parametric logic of the variations.

-prototypes are to be presentation quality and fabricated using CUArch equipment (i.e laser cut styrene is an analog for laser cut steel)

Group 1 (Jeremy, Bobby, Brandon)

– focus on the scale of perception/fabrication. For example, the piece may be read on multiple levels, form / mass, cut (z dimension), finish (tool path)

– explore multiple z cuts and tool paths within a controlled from.

Group 2 (Alex, Jaime, Charlotte, Michelle)

– Explore the depth of pattern and the resulting ‘moire’ pattern.

– How does the fold structure the system

Group 3 (Amanda, Mandira, May)

– Explore the relation of the push and pull of the Corbe/Softlab/Playlab system

– What is the base module

– Mircoscale effect, how do we pattern the surface to produce a secondary reading, is each piece unique, or is it the aggregation of many of the same? (Tom Dixon)