Assignment 3.2

Assignment 3.2: Fabrication Methods Study

In preparation for our meeting on Tuesday with Studio 27, please investigate and prepare the following. Please note that the emphasis in this assignment should be to investigate the process of making. By going thru the motions of fabricating several iterations, you should discover the opportunities and constraints associated with the technique. Jonathan and I will focus on the preparation of the GH definitions and diagrams for the presentation. Please consult with us between now and Monday’s due date in order to


1-      Each group should prepare several iterations / study models developing the questions raised during class (and listed below).

2-      Each group should have at least ONE full scale, refined / presentation quality, model which aggregated units within a 3’ x 3’ frame.

3-      Photograph study models and full-scale construct in various conditions (front lit, back lit, transparent, on another surface) and place on titleblock.


1-      Amanda, Mandira, May

  1. Explore the module

i.      Is it a square or is it the resultant triangular piece in-between the squares?

ii.      How is it folded and fastened

iii.      How are modules fastened to each other?

iv.      How do the modules support themselves (on their own, frame, surface)?

  1. Explore the micro-scale effects

i.      How might a perforation pattern generate alternative effects

ii.      What is the perforation pattern? Does it follow its own logic?

iii.      Is the perforation pattern projected onto the unrolled geometry or pulled to the surface of the three dimensional module.

iv.      How might the perforation pattern assist in the folding process? How might the patter derived from the fold?

2-      Alex, Jaime, Charlotte, Michelle

  1. Explore the Moiré Block module in the following ways

i.      Surface Study / Folded Block (Alex, Charlotte, Michelle)

  1. How does variation occur on the front vs. the back surface?
  2. How might a micro scale effect allow for moiré at a finer scale
  3. How is the unit constructed? Unfolded as one piece? Two?
  4. How is it structured? Back panel? Attached one to the other?

ii.      Cast Mass (Jaime & Brandon)

  1. How might the same logic develop if fabricated thru a process of casting? How might the mold be fabricated?
  2. How is the mold made?
  3. What effects are produced when the moiré block logic is solid?
  4. What effects are produced if the components are formed (surface rather than solid?)

3-      Bobby and Jeremy

  1. Explore the opportunities for surface effect via milling and tool path operations?
  2. How can the milled modules serve as formwork or molds for another part?
  3. How might the logic of the Reiser Umemoto Expanded Metal surface begin to inform tooling patterns and surface effects?
  4. How might a tooling pattern be developed from one of the other logics from the first two groups?



Sunday, February 26, 2012

5:00 pm

Place images of models in Dropbox folder

PDF of photographs In Dropbox folder titled “S27 Presentation 2.28”

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